In partnership with Counter Culture Coffee

Serving Craft Coffee to South Baltimore

Our Mission Statement:

3 Bean seeks to serve the local community by embodying love, excellence, and creativity.

1) We will love our employees by fostering a culture of development, empowerment, and unity, and we will love our customers by proactively serving their needs and by making everyone feel like a Friend of the Bean.

2) We will insist upon excellence through achieving 100% customer satisfaction with our hospitality, products, and presentation.

3) We will inspire creativity in our community and business by embracing art and exploration.


About Us:

South Baltimore is our HOME. We LOVE our CITY for so many reasons; pioneering in freedom, strong character, industry, the blue collar workers that built the city, the amazing professional sports teams, the educational hub and excellence in medicine, the history and beautiful architecture, the waterfront … and so much more!!!

We also love our neighbors and how they make our community a better place to live. They also participate with and support local businesses! And to that end we had a dream… to create a place and build a team that would foster a welcoming and fun environment where we could continue to embrace the characteristics that make our city GREAT.

3 Bean Coffee, is a craft coffee shop determined to SERVE YOU the best cup of coffee in the South Baltimore area! And while we do that we want you to stick around and create some art, listen to some music, ponder life’s big questions, work on your term papers or your projects, enjoy a date, or maybe dream up your next business venture! We want you to love your experience and return for another great cup of coffee to fuel your next big thing.

Come join us.